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Career tools (e.g ladders, transition tools, etc.) – Working Together for You is a rapidly growing online community that provides a host of helpful resources for the career-minded individual such as in-depth articles, custom templates, webinars, and much more. Here, you’ll find a huge selection of tools to help you develop the perfect resume and then distribute it efficiently. You can manage your job search right from OfficeArrow, explore temp agencies and even learn more about... more »


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Web based career exploration sites

GeekMBA360: Career Advice From The Trenches

The recession is weighing heavily on everyone’s mind these days. A lot of people are lost and do not know what to do in the face of such crisis, but it’s a good thing that people with blogs such as GeekMBA360 are willing to give a helping hand. GeekMBA360 is all about dishing out career and person financial advice to those who might need them.


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Career tools (e.g ladders, transition tools, etc.)

Career Decision-Making System (CDM)

Published by Pearson--call 800-627-7271 for a free trial of the CDMInternet
Authors: Arthur O'Shea, Ph. D. and Rich Feller, Ph.D.
Internet administration, detailed individualized interpretive report accessible at any time, videos, complete job descriptions with wage and outlook information.

Help discover your career self, choose a career, choose a college, find job openings, write resume, develop interview skills
Award... more »


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Career tools (e.g ladders, transition tools, etc.)

Rapid Guide - Favorite tool for hundreds of labor orgaizations

No doubt this is the best tool out there...

Over 1 million Rapid Guides have been used by colleges, workforce agencies, One-Stops, Career Centers and other organizations to educate people on topics including how to find a job, layoff survival, interviewing, financial aid, scholarships, youth services.

Hundreds of organizations use Rapid Guides because it allows them a cost effective way to both educate these readers... more »


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Other job matching and career advancement tools

Career Advice | Job Search | Career & Job Blog | Harrison Barnes

About Harrison

A. Harrison Barnes is the founder and CEO of, the parent company of more than 100 job search websites, employment services, recruiting firms, online employment news magazines and student loan companies. employs several hundred employees in the United States, Asia, and Europe.

In 2001, Harrison started the legal recruiting firm BCG Attorney Search.

In 2003, Harrison... more »


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Niche job boards

Diversity & Inclusion, Monster Networks

Key partnerships with diversity networks provides Job Seekers access to breadth and depth of Employers looking to target all aspects of diversity. Job Seekers can search Monster’s vast database of jobs from most of these sites.


Black Planet
Asian Avenue
MiGente more »


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General job boards, listing sites, and aggregators

Monster's main career site:

The premier global online employment solution for people seeking jobs. With one of the world’s largest jobs database, we connect people who need jobs with those who have them. Our career management tools help Job Seekers map out their career progression, understand new opportunities, and benchmark themselves against others in the job market. We also provide advice and discussion groups on all phases of the hiring process... more »


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Web based career exploration sites

Kuder Journey

Kuder® Journey ( offers proven, web-based tools and reliable resources to help America’s job seekers plan for a career, make a career change, and keep their career on track.

The intuitive Journey site personalizes its content based on an individual’s needs. Users can easily navigate a flexible step-by-step process to take career assessments; explore new options using their transferable skills; make... more »


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Career tools (e.g ladders, transition tools, etc.)

GadBall ( is a unique career portal for Job Seekers and One Stop Centers developed and supported by Data Frenzy, its clients, and job board partners. GadBall is entirely free for Job Seekers and One Stop Centers.

GadBall has several job search, job matching and career exploration features; even though only one category selection is permissible for this challenge, GadBall is a good fit for all categories.... more »


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General job boards, listing sites, and aggregators

Job Search Television Network - JSTN

JSTN™ - Job Search Television Network provides entertaining and compelling information about career opportunities in the community.

Through a unique TV news format, JSTN™ guides jobseekers to the most sought after jobs and lucrative positions in the area. Simply put, JSTN™ is the future of job employment. JSTN showcases job opportunities in a 60 sec. Video Job Report giving you critical information about a job opening.... more »


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