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Step 9: Apply for a Job Using Shortcuts

Job hunting involves repetitive tasks. Streamline your job hunt by easily creating a set of 3-key shortcuts that will make often-performed tasks execute in an eyeblink. Here are some tasks you can associate with 3-key shortcuts: open resume, open cover letter, open thank-you letter, open follow-up letter, load & paste often-used text such as for an email, navigate to websites and FTP sites, capture any part of your screen,... more »


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Career tools (e.g ladders, transition tools, etc.)

Step 8: Shortcut to Resumes & Job Search Letters

Using XP Shortcut in your job search
The most potent use of XP Shortcut for job hunters is the ability of XP Shortcut to open a file or generate text with a 3-key shortcut.

Question: What document-related activities do job-searchers perform most often?
Answer: Revise and send resumes, revise and send cover letters, and write follow-up emails and letters.

Question: What do these tasks have in common?
Answer: They usually... more »


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