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Washington State Library: Hard Times Resource Guide

Joblessness is about more than not having a job. It's about understanding job markets, learning new skills, and having the tools to apply and interview successfully. In a tough economy, joblessness can be about a lot of other things too: homelessness, health and family issues, and depression are all areas that should be addressed when identifying useful tools for job-seekers.

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Employer Database

Currently there are many more job seekers than there are published job openings and only a portion of all job openings are posted or published through on-line job boards, help wanted ads, or employer web sites. Yet many more job openings exist. Using the Employer Database, job seekers select criteria that will return a list of businesses they may contact to find out if they have job openings. Job seekers may search... more »


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Niche job boards is the nation's premier professional networking site and job board for Latinos in the United States. We serve as the premier resource for connecting aspiring and accomplished Latino professionals in a community experience that will assist them in realizing their professional and personal goals.

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