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Niche job boards

Illinois workNet

'Illinois workNetTM is a statewide portal aimed at connecting individuals, businesses, and workforce professionals to workforce development resources and tools. Find a wealth of information in one convenient place.

The Workforce Professionals Pathway features:
• Dynamic/Real-Time Content – State and local content managers publish throughout the portal.
• Web Services – Seamless access to third-party databases and tools,... more »


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Web based career exploration sites

South Dakota Career InSite

What to expect: Explore a wide variety of occupational information, take online interest assessments, view occupational videos, learn how to complete a resume, conduct a job interview and keep a job.

South Dakota Career InSite is a useful career exploration application. This site will provide you with detailed occupational descriptions as well as a variety of South Dakota specific occupational data (i.e. wages, employment... more »


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Career tools (e.g ladders, transition tools, etc.)

Fill-in-the-Blank Resume Workbooks by Yana Parker

Created by the late Yana Parker, author of The Damn Good Resume Guide, these fill-in-the-blank workbooks are especially appreciated by job seekers with little or no experience and those with difficult or confusing work histories. The probing questions and fill-in-the-blank format are especially useful for job seekers who need help figuring out what to say on their resumes.

The four workbooks are:
1. Resume Workbook... more »


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Career tools (e.g ladders, transition tools, etc.)

Job Search Tool Kit

The Job Search Tool Kit is an e-learning series that breaks down the components of securing a new position into simple, easy-to-follow lessons. The modules are designed to be taken as either a full learning course or as stand-alone courses when you need a little extra help in one particular area. The modules are given in presentation style and include an instructor speaking directly to the participants. At the end of... more »


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Web 2.0/social media sites specializing in job searches or job postings

Susan Ireland's YouTube Playlists for Job Search

Cost: Free
Access: No login required

The following YouTube Playlists are each a string of videos by Susan Ireland. Each video runs about one or two minutes. You can watch all the videos or select individual ones to view. You can post them on your website (for free), or you can customize your own playlist of favorites.

Excellent for job seekers, career coaches, career centers, and job search websites.

To date (12-18-09),... more »


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