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Unemployment LifeLine

The Unemployment LifeLine is a one-stop guide that links workers to the resources in their area: from unemployment offices to veterans' services to child care. Hardworking families are struggling to get by, and too often, they don't know where to turn for help. That's where the Unemployment LifeLine comes in: providing people the opportunity to talk to others, find community services and share support and lessons learned.... more »


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Web 2.0/social media sites specializing in job searches or job postings> Social Network For Job-seekers, Recruiters & HR's is a social network for job-seekers, recruiters, human resources (HR) professionals and hiring organizations.

Jobsonica is a microblogging service just as twitter is, with a twist...

It's for jobs, jobs, jobs! Focused primarily, though non-exclusively, on job search, career resources, personal connections and other value-added tools related to employment. is FREE for job-seekers, recruiters... more »


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