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Washington State Library: Hard Times Resource Guide

Joblessness is about more than not having a job. It's about understanding job markets, learning new skills, and having the tools to apply and interview successfully. In a tough economy, joblessness can be about a lot of other things too: homelessness, health and family issues, and depression are all areas that should be addressed when identifying useful tools for job-seekers.

The Washington State Library has compiled... more »


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Career tools (e.g ladders, transition tools, etc.)

My First Resume

This free program is used by many teachers and counselors around the country, as well as individuals who need help writing a resume. It was created to help educators teach career awareness, job search techniques, and portfolio development.

Developed as a free service for young people in school, My First Resume, is a fun way to learn how your skills and interests can be translated into job skills. After filling in the... more »


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