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Career tools (e.g ladders, transition tools, etc.)

Nebraska Career Compass

Career Compass is an online tool designed to help individuals find a job, locate training and explore career opportunities. It aids in making informed decisions by displaying occupational comparisons. It allows the user to compare wages, job prospects, training requirements and more. Detailed information is available for occupational licensure requirements, occupational characteristics, and apprentice sponsors.... more »


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Niche job boards

Wyoming at Work

Wyoming at Work is a powerful online tool that assists job seekers in finding jobs and help employers who are looking for the best job candidates. The site provides:

* A large quantity of jobs through high-quality job spidering that surpasses standard job-aggregating sites

* An easy-to-use, advanced job-search tool

* Many tools and/or links to additional career services to explore information on career exploration... more »


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