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Career tools (e.g ladders, transition tools, etc.)

WetFeet Career Guidance and Employer Profiles

Want expert advice on interviewing, resumes, and all things job-hunting? Want to know what it's really like to work for top employers like General Mills, UBS, and L'Oreal? Want the inside scoop on tons of industries and career paths? WetFeet has it all! We're not just the conventional advice site - we talk to real recruiters and career services professionals to get the best advice, plus we get inside top employers so... more »


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Niche job boards

Louisiana Works - Louisiana Workforce Commission

Louisiana Works is a powerful online job seeker/workforce services system created by Geographic Solutions for the State of Louisiana. It was specifically designed for job seekers, students, case managers, employers, training providers, workforce professionals, and others seeking benefits and services. The system provides fast access to a complete set of employment tools in one web site. Surveys have proven that users... more »


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Niche job boards

Wyoming at Work

Wyoming at Work is a powerful online tool that assists job seekers in finding jobs and help employers who are looking for the best job candidates. The site provides:

* A large quantity of jobs through high-quality job spidering that surpasses standard job-aggregating sites

* An easy-to-use, advanced job-search tool

* Many tools and/or links to additional career services to explore information on career exploration... more »


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General job boards, listing sites, and aggregators

Find Jobz - Move your Career Forward shows tens of thousands of jobs from all over the country. You can search by keyword, company name and/or location.

The sheer number of jobs shown is a must for any job seeker.

Jobs are cleanly displayed and there is no spam and very little advertising shown.

Jobs can be automatically emailed to registered users.

Adding your resume is very fast and they don't require much information.


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