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mygetaClue.com helps you stand-out in the crowded talent pool.

Our mission is to be the leading provider of consumer information for a job seeker to find the right job and get hired quicker. We will provide you with suggestions, tips, and professionally developed information based on data gathered from over 1 million people and thousands of companies to help you find and land your ideal job.


get a Clue!® has partnered with PeopleClues®, one of the most recognized screening and selection assessment providers in the world, to bring you valuable information that has primarily been only available to recruiters, hiring managers, and human resources.


With years of experience helping employers hire the right people for their company, we use that knowledge to help you get hired quickly to a job that fits you and your personality best. Our products include:


-"Job Fit" information to get you the jobs that 'fit' you best

-Tips to enhance your resume to get noticed and move to the top of the pile

-Information to help you have a successful interview and get the job



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