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iMatchSkills® (iMS) is WorkSource Oregon’s job matching system that uses skills to connect job seekers and employers. Developed to meet changing workplace requirements of employers, iMS has revolutionized the way labor exchange services are delivered and how job seekers and employers connect to workforce services.


To link business and job seekers, iMS uses a common language of almost 3,000 job related skills. These skills, combined with over 800 occupational titles, and almost 400 occupational licenses and certifications, provide extensive flexibility for job seekers to identify their skill sets and qualifications and for employers to pinpoint the specific requirements for a job opening.


Through iMS, job seekers can set up an online account and create their own customized profile that includes a skill profile, work and education history, and job preferences. Job seekers can choose to be contacted directly by employers if they are selected in a job match. Job seekers can also compare their skills to the skills required for a job, identifying gaps in their skills that the WorkSource Oregon system can help bridge through training and education programs.


iMS also provides a host of features for employers. Through iMS, employers can set up an online account to post and manage their own job listings. In addition, employers can match their job listing, view the skills and qualifications of potential candidates and contact those they consider to be a best fit.


iMS is also used by WorkSource Oregon staff to track labor exchange services.

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