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eFolioMinnesota/eFolioWorld RM - Electronic Portfolio Tools

In 2002, Minnesota State State Colleges and Universities launched eFolioMinnesota ( as the nation's first statewide electronic portfolio infrastructure. This infrastructure provides job seekers, students, and all state residents the ability to create and administer a web-delivered multi-media portfolio used to showcase one's knowledge, skills, and abilities.


Since 2002, over 120,000 users have established portfolios (eFolios) with the largest percentage of users being students at higher education institutions who use their individual eFolios to document outcomes, competencies, and a way to establish a multi-media resume to be used for job-seeking purposes. Since late 2007 this award-winning technology has been used by education institutions around the world under the eFolioWorld ( banner.


In addition, Avenet, Inc. (co-creator of eFolio), has worked with labor and workforce organizations to promote eFolio in a workforce context with the largest user being the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry that launch eFolioPennsylvania (


This past summer, eFolio launched a new version of the tool that is designed to reflect the assumption that web-delivered tools and services need to reflect various Web 2.0 tools currently in operation across the Internet. Further, mobile devices (such as iPhones) are becoming a common way to access web-delivered services so the new version of eFolio was intended to accommodate this flexible environment.

Best Uses electrionic portfolios, multi-media resume, showcase skills, knowledge and abilities, students at higher education institutions

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