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door64.com: A community approach to the job search.

JOB BOARDS HAVE A BIG PROBLEM: Upwards of 70% of all jobs are found through professional networking, and not through traditional job boards.


However, most professionals (especially in technology sectors) have poor networks because (a) they don't realize its importance in current or future job searches, and (b) opportunities to meet local colleagues are rare. Both of these issues are addressed by taking a focused community approach.


door64.com is a free, successful, and growing grass-roots community of technology professionals in Central Texas. Our goal is to help members grow their peer networks of colleagues. Started in 2007, our community has grown virally to over 7000 members, and experienced excellent testimonials of doors opened and jobs found.


Members interact both online and in person. Our website enables local technologists to expand their peer network through online discussions, and post and find local technology events, networking events, and local job opportunities. We also hold face-to-face networking events that attract 200-400 attendees each, and our first 2009 local technology fair hosted 37 local companies and 1000 attendees. We have see many positive results from these community-based interactions.


Local entrepreneurs, start-ups, and companies also integrate in the door64 community to promote networking, establish their local presence, and find needed talent quickly. From an economic development perspective, it has been a real win-win for individuals, businesses, and our region.


This community-based model can be replicated or expanded in other regions.


Testimonials: http://door64.com/testimonials

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