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WorkQWEST is a web based case management system for Employment Services. WorkQWEST helps case managers work with Job Seekers by automating many routine, administrative functions that can prevent a case manager from spending time with a Job Seeker. Case managers are able to provide higher quality services by devoting their full attention to Job Seekers in their caseloads – listening to them, providing guidance, tailoring employment plans, and celebrating Job Seekers’ successes. This in turn yields better long-term Job Seeker outcomes and more satisfied staff.


Key features include:


1. WorkQWEST Case Assistance assists the case manager behind the scenes tracking cases, initiating automated actions and moving cases forward through task queues, mail house files, and auto dialer exports.

2. Flexible Assessment Module allows projects and agencies to imbed assessment & survey tools in WorkQWEST. Projects and agencies can select, insert, and edit as many assessment tools as needed to support their specific needs. Easy to configure scoring functionality provides an ‘at-a-glance’ customer profiles.

3. “One Employment Plan at a Time” functionality improves case managers’ ability to tailor employment plans to each Job Seeker’s needs. Case managers can easily view past employment plans, tie short term goals to activities, check that the right number of hours and activities have been assigned, and track total ‘life time’ hours assigned to certain time-limited activities such as job search.

4. Real-time Employment Plan Compliance Status give case managers and Job Seekers a color-coded ‘at-a-glance’ views of how their actual participation hours stack up against planned hours. Time is spent focused on understanding the reasons for non-compliance rather than determining if non-compliance is an issue.


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