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Waggleforce.com - Displaced Workers of America Unite Locally!

I highly endorse www.waggleforce.com as an alternative to sitting around and waiting for the PERFECT job to fall from the sky. If you go to the website, you will see that you can choose regionally groups in YOUR area for the unemployed at nominal fees in which to be group coached by learning modules that will be rolled out at meeting scheduled by Team Leaders (in which I am one for EmPOWERED 2 WORK for the Nassau/Suffolk county area) and there will be some excellent tools and strategies and networking shared.

So get off the couch and out from behind the computer and meet others to speak to locally and share your experiences, contacts, networks and learns strategies by superlative Coaches in the Industry that are highly credentialed.

Best Uses Transitions

Link to Tool: www.waggleforce.com


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