Career tools (e.g ladders, transition tools, etc.) is a highly-personalized career management service that uses expert insights, the proven best practices of successful professionals and patent-pending scientific tools to help job-seekers confidently get the job they want faster and all professionals execute well-defined career plans.


At the heart of the UpMo service is the Intelligent Job Hunt™, a patent-pending algorithmic engine that searches millions of job listings and prioritizes them according to the job-seeker's interests, skills, career path, and professional network. It returns a refined list of highly-compatible job matches that the professional has a high probability of securing. The end result: enormous time savings and increased confidence and effectiveness in executing a job search.


With UpMo, professionals can:


* Pinpoint highly-compatible job opportunities—inside and outside of their professional network—that they have a high probability of securing


* Take advantage of the fact that more that 70% of jobs are secured through networking or social recruitment by exposing job openings connected to their LinkedIn contacts


* Gain a proven career plan based on the best practices of successful professionals—habits and behaviors that help you become up to 87% more likely to find a job in today's economy.


UpMo is a subscription-based service, but in an effort to help employ America, the company is giving away free memberships to individuals that have been laid off via its Job Stimulus Plan found here:



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