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TypeFocus Careers Program – Complimentary Site

The TypeFocus Careers program offers a reliable and valid personality assessment report that users find supportive and encouraging. As they learn more about themselves they understand how their natural personality strengths relate to career selection and success at work. Everyone loves to learn about themselves and personality type is the most widely used theory in career applications.


The TypeFocus Careers program is complimentary and creates a three-page personalized report. This site has been created specifically for the Department of Labor’s Challenge program so register/login using this encrypted link.




We have been serving clients for 13 years and have earned an outstanding reputation:


"Our career transition clients find it helpful to complete an assessment before a job search. We want people to think about what is the best fit for them and we find the TypeFocus program works best."


"TypeFocus offers a clear assessment for a complicated process. TypeFocus navigates an individual through a career path that begins with knowing oneself, with a deep understanding that this is where people will most experience success!"



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