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Yes, twitter! Though it may not be for every job seeker, it must be included in the resources one-stop centers provides to customers. In my role as Career Placement Officer at Saddleback College, I use Twitter to connect with recruiters, companies, and other sites offering students and community members with real-time job openings, career exploration tips, trends in resume/interviewing/job search techniques, and useful links to resources I couldn't have found otherwise. Your twitter profile can and must be seen as an extension of your resume. Using hashtags (#jobs #resume) allows you to search for and find information you want regardless of your career stage.


Eric Hilden, Career Placement Officer

The Center for Career and Life Development

Saddleback College


twitter: @sccareercenter

Best Uses networking, job search, job preparation, resume, interviewing

Link to Tool: http://twitter.com/



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