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The Job of the Week is an award-winning free email networking newsletter and website for communication professionals.


The Job of the Week newsletter (or JOTW), is a community of communication professionals that started out as a way to share information about job opportunities around the world, but it has evolved into much more than that. Today the network is a way for business professionals to stay connected, and to cooperate in matters of mutual interest with other communicators.


You are invited to join the 11,000-plus members of this network for free. You’ll begin receiving the free JOTW newsletter every week, as well as other important news and information. Most important, you’ll have more than 11,000 new friends who are also professional communicators. Whether you are looking for a job, looking for talent, looking for enlightenment, or are selling a product or service, this is the network for you. Subscribe for free right now. Just send a blank email to: Did I mention it's free?


If you have a business that wants to reach communicators, JOTW is an extremely effective way to do it. Inexpensive announcements, ads, and sponsorships are available. You can find out about these opportunities by contacting


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