Career tools (e.g ladders, transition tools, etc.) empowers job seekers in one location with ALL the tools and resources they need to organize and conduct their job search and network effectively. SuccessHawk® is an intelligent job search system with action-oriented tools, content, resources and instruction that guide the job seeker step-by-step and enable them to:


• Set goals and take action

• Organize and manage a systematic job search

• Build & expand their professional network

• Network to find employment opportunities that are not widely advertised

• Make connections using customized on-screen advice about what to say and questions to ask

• Manage job search interactions

• Keep track of job search progress

• Automatically schedule and download important actions into Outlook or a PDA

• Import contact information from existing email directories and networks (e.g. LinkedIn, Outlook, Gmail, etc.)

• Maximize the use of job boards via Simply Hired which aggregates millions of posted jobs

• Self assess to learn about jobs and careers that match interests

• Develop their “30-second elevator pitch”

• Write compelling resumes and cover letters

• Prepare for interviews

• Survive a layoff

Best Uses Organizing and conducting a proactive job search by Networking, networking

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