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SkillUp - Metrix Learning, eTraining for Workforce Development

Metrix Learning is a powerful, Web-based, cost-effective service designed for the One Stop system that provides job seekers with unlimited access to over 5,000 courses to upgrade their skills and learn new skills. The Metrix Learning solution integrates online course delivery with skill assessments, setting job goals using O*NET, customized and managed learning plans, and connecting to local job opportunities.


A Metrix Learning license allows a single user access to over 5,000 online courses for a period of 90 days, 24 hours a day from any computer with an Internet connection. The Metrix Learning Course library contains thousands of desktop computing, business, information technology and health-related topics from industry leading providers SkillSoft and Medcom/Trainex with the option of including hundreds of Prove-IT! skill assessments from Kenexa.


Key Features:


• Flexible: Can be self-directed or staff assisted for Wagner Peyser or WIA customers


• Cost-Effective: 90 day User License from between $40 and $90 each and free to recent Veterans and spouses (last 5 years with certain restrictions)


• Integrated Job Search: Provides access to job listings based on location, job goal, and skills


• Easy to Implement: Can be implemented within 30 days as managed service or administered by the Workforce Agency


• Powerful Reporting & Tracking: Provides detailed reports by customer, location, activity and outcomes


• Proven Success in a One Stop Setting: Over 20,000 satisfied job seekers in 30 WIBs and four states


• Over 400 courses available in Spanish




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