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Roadmap Interactive Career Finder

People of all ages and backgrounds use the Roadmap Interactive Career Finder (RICF) to discover the CAREER PATH THAT IS RIGHT FOR THEM! It covers over 2,300 different career options!


The RICF provides YOU the ability to explore which career paths are right for YOU based on YOUR interests in life, then automatically lists them on screen.


YOU can then learn the facts about YOUR listed careers to compare and choose the right one!


Most career counselors would charge you $150 - $400 per hour for a service such as this. It is our hope and goal to provide this valuable tool at an affordable price! For just $19.95, you will discover:


· 1) Which Career is right for YOU?

· 2) The Work Performed

· 3) Working Conditions

· 4) Hours and Earnings

· 5) Education (Recommended College Major)

· 6) Training Recommendations

· 7) Licensing

· 8) Certification

· 9) Unions

· 10) Professional Societies To Belong

· 11) Personal Qualifications

· 12) Where Employment can be found in your field

· 13) Employment Outlook

· 14) Entry Methods

· 15) Advancement

· 16) Other Related Careers

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Best Uses Easy To Use, Proven Accuracy, Covers 2,300 Career Options, Four Page Research Reports on each career, Provides Voice Narration Function


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