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What Color is Your Parachute author Richard N. Bolles' comprehensive website includes section on the Internet, Research, Contacts, Job Hunting, and more.

The Internet

What is the Internet to the job-hunter? The Internet is a place where a job-hunter can perform certain tasks. The Internet becomes five places to the job-hunter...


Research on the Internet

Using the Internet for Research: how to find information on the Internet, what tools are available, how best to use them.


Contacts and Networking

In its essence, all job-hunting is a search not only for information, but also for people — for human links between you and information, between you and a prospective employer. These days, such links are called "contacts", and a common word for all of your contacts is your "network" talking to these people is "networking".


Counseling, Testing & Advice

At some point, you may realize you need a little career counseling, perhaps some skills testing, and you're hoping to find these on the Internet. Naturally, the Internet cannot replace a live, face-to-face career counselor. But the Internet can give you quite a bit of guidance for your job hunt.

Job Hunting

Web Sites for Job Hunting Research

Job Hunting related research on the Internet --- where to find information that will help your job hunt specifically, such as company research, salaries, fields, and moving. You can follow these links to whatever interests you most right now.

Jobs & Resumes

Job & Resume Sites

When most people are job-hunting, their instinct is to go directly to the job boards and see what is available. Some are richly rewarded, while others are bitterly disappointed. This is not what the Internet does best when you are job-hunting, but it is probably what the Internet should do best.

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