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RhinoGATOR™ is a Job Board. Nothing more; nothing less. It charges around the net searching for open Job Requisitions, aggregating those open positions on your behalf.


Like a News Reader, only better!


We are not limited to any one source for career openings. In fact, our "AI" (Artificial Intelligence) derived "R1" search engine grows smarter with each search. It's like Haley Joel Osment's character in Steven Spielberg's movie, AI, only better!


We are not a career advice site. We are not a skills assessment center. We are not a "Dear Abby" forum for those seeking solace from the throws of unemployment or under employment. Unless you count the fact that by returning more "targeted" jobs than the other sites we are helping put America back to work. Day and night. 24x7. RhinoGATOR™ is like your own personal yet virtual assistant surveying the landscape for your next, best destiny. Only better!


Launched in December 2009 after nine months of concentrated development, the R1 search engine is just starting to build an impressive network of paths to those hiding places where Open Job Requisitions live. For best results, and to take full advantage of the "learning systems" oriented search engine, the Job Seeker will want to create a profile and save job searches using the "Get email updates" in order to see the true "order of magnitude" breakthrough that makes our Job Board unique. Once a search is saved, R1 goes to work on your behalf, turning over every rock on the net, in search of your next career.


Any one may use the powerful R1 Search Engine to instantly find openings without registration. In fact, every page within the system features a "Search Box" (with a quick toggle between basic and advanced searches).


RhinoGATOR™ was conceived and built for one purpose:

To put America back to work!


Designed and built 100% in the United States of America.

By Americans. For All Americans.


RhinoGATOR™ —Best Job Aggregator on Planet Earth™


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