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RealMatch has invested a unique technology called Real-Tje Job Matching. Similarly to a dating site, the system matches between employers and job seekers in adramatically more efficient way than traditional job sites. RealMatch powers a network of hundreds of job sites across North America, reaching 37 million job seekers monthly and displaying millions of jobs. RealMatch is not a job aggregator. When you visit or any of the sites on its network, you will not have to wade through hundreds of listings. Instead, you will quickly create an anonymous profile containing your skills, experience and preferences and will be immediately presented with a list of jobs that you qualify for and interested in. RealMatch will alert you when there are new jobs matches so you can apply to the right jobs and increase your chances to be hired.


For eployers, Realmatch offers a risk free posting on its entire network. When a job is posted it is sent to all the sites on the network and matched with its vast resume database. Then employers are given 7 days to evaluate the job performance by looking at resume summaries of screened, graded, and ranked candidates. If they like what they see, then they can buy a "Resume Opening Package" and contact all the candidates that either applied or came up as matches for the job.

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