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Real English

Real English® ESL combines completely spontaneous videos of street interviews concerning everyday life, with hundreds of very informative language exercises based on the clips. This is general English with an emphasis on American culture, indispensable to all job seekers seeking to improve their English language skills.


Real English is completely free and can be self-directed or implemented by teachers in a classroom setting. Many teachers project the videos and the lessons from their computers to the classroom screen, taking advantage of an extensive library of videos for Beginner to Upper-Intermediate levels. The material is organized by functions, vocabulary, and grammar despite the spontaneity, with thoughtful online interactive lessons for learners. It's not even necessary to sign up. You can go directly to the lesson core:


and choose a lesson. Watch the complete video if you like, then immediately click on “Exercise 1”. This is where the learning begins in a fun atmosphere which is capturing the imagination of many learners.


Students and teachers have totally free access to approx. 200 videos and 750 exercises.

Best Uses 3 best uses: Students work independently on the web // In classrooms, teachers project from their computers to entire classes. // ESL homework.


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