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Rapid Guide - Favorite tool for hundreds of labor orgaizations

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Over 1 million Rapid Guides have been used by colleges, workforce agencies, One-Stops, Career Centers and other organizations to educate people on topics including how to find a job, layoff survival, interviewing, financial aid, scholarships, youth services.


Hundreds of organizations use Rapid Guides because it allows them a cost effective way to both educate these readers and promote their services. This is because every Rapid Guide is customized for the organization to include their logo, colors, branding, location and contact information and any other customizations needed.


These are great because Rapid Guides are not like your typical tools that are printed in massive quantities – making their information too generic and information out dated. Each Rapid Guide is custom, new and fresh. Just look at the great examples shown at


The value of this is clearly represented by the testimonials from Colleges, One-Stops and Workforce Centers at


Organizations love how Rapid Guides are compact, long-lasting and low cost and how they drive more traffic to the orginaztion website and physical centers. Readers love how the information is concise, easy to understand and apply. They are even available in Spanish.


You have probably seen these best sellers in the marketplace:

Rapid Guide to Job Hunting

Rapid Guide to Interviewing

Rapid Guide to Layoff Survival

Rapid Guide to Financial Aid

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