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Pathway Builder ePortal

• The PathwayBuilder e-Portal is a first-in-the-nation solution that successfully links K-12 Students, College Students, Job Seekers, Out-of-School Youth and Employers into one, integrated, education and workforce platform. The e-Portal is a tool that can be used as an informational “one-stop” resource. It also serves as a college and career resource center to identify appropriate academic preparation (including an individual’s own job-fit assessment scores), career readiness information, postsecondary options, financial aid, job opportunities and workforce training solutions.

• The Pathway Workforce System is an Internet database driven by sophisticated, online software that matches job seekers’ résumés and assessment information about skills required for jobs within the State.


• Pathway Connect meets the needs of both sides of the workforce equation – supply and demand – in a single, patented, spider-crawling technology service.


• The Pathway Workforce System meets businesses’ most often cited need to match the right person to the right job. As a powerful tool for business services and case management staff, the system leverages technology to accomplish more.


• The Pathway Workforce System provides service to users and employers 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.


• Pathway Workforce System meets or exceeds all U.S. Department of Labor’s 13 Principles for Using Assessments and satisfies all requirements for EEOC, ADA, USDOL and the Civil Rights Act.


• Pathway Workforce System Benefits:


o Services both employers and the workforce

o Connects State’s graduates to State’s jobs

o Directs clients to receive training for jobs that fit who they are and are available where they live

o Increases placement, retention and upward wage

o Reduces employers’ time to hire the “right person”

o Assists in gaining the support of businesses within the emerging workforce

o Saves employers recruiting time and money

o Reduces employee turnover

o Engages both employers and the workforce within one system

o Provides information to assist the State’s stakeholders in making data-driven decisions and setting policies

o Provides reporting for accountability

o Allows the State to manage and monitor the workforce pipeline

o Forecasts potential workforce gaps

o Attracts businesses to the State

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