Career tools (e.g ladders, transition tools, etc.)



An all-in-one online career center to help job seekers through every aspect of the career development process.


Step 1: Assess your strengths and do career research.


Step 2: Build everything you need — resumes, cover letters, online portfolios and video resumes.


Step 3: Take your job search online with a professional website.


Step 4: Practice for interviews.


Step 5: Get found by employers.




No more fussing with bullets and tabs or wondering what to say. We help with content and styling. Resume samples, example phrases, and one-click styling. See how it works: check out our YouTube video that shows how to build a resume from a sample: You can also view resume samples:


Put your resume in front of employers. When you finish building your resume, you can place it into an employer-searchable database with just one click. Thousands of employers will be able to find your resume and even invite you to videoconference or interview online. Learn how it works:


Be ready when an employer Googles you (and 75% of them do). Tie all your Optimal documents together in your own professional website, plus add links to professional networks like Twitter and LinkedIn. No HTML knowledge required — see how easy it is: and here's a sample website:



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