Career tools (e.g ladders, transition tools, etc.)

Opportunities Knocking is a community of folks interested in learning how to enhance their careers through informative presentations, in person networking with a new spin, and personalized career coaching.


For example, on January 20, the 30 minute presentation will be "How to Use LinkedIn and Google for Efficient Networking and Job Searching". Then we will have the usual one hour of Spin-net networking which is a little like a combination of speed-dating and Toastmasters. The goal of Spin-net is to have everybody in the room get to know everybody else in the room a person at a time at tables of 8, and at the same time perfect an "elevator speech" for use during a job search. After the two hour formal event concludes, attendees network easily for two hours because they already have "broken the ice" during Spin-net. These events currently take place in San Diego, but videos and powerpoint presentations are available at, and on LinkedIn.


Opportunities Knocking also means one on one coaching to be arranged at a convenient time and place. Resumes, help with job search, salary negotiations, and mock interviews are a few of the typical coaching subjects. Coaching can be done in person, on the phone, or via videoconferencing using a service such as Skype.


The focus of Opportunities Knocking is on teaching. Teaching you the techniques so that you are confident and capable of conducting many phases of a job search on your own.

Best Uses Finding opportunities, interviewing, salary negotiations.


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