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Online Strategic Job Search Managmenet System

The online strategic job search management system (SJSMS) allows job seekers to manage their contacts as well as the job search process. Unlike traditional contact management applications, SJSMS allows you to monitor and manage your progress through the job search, either on your own or with the help of a job coach.


The SJSMS works at two levels, 1) it monitors your Dream job opportunities or as the system refers to, your Job A. In addition to your Job A, it also allows you to monitor other jobs that increase your chances of getting your Job A sometime in the future. Unfortunately, due to supply and demand, you may not always be able to get your Job A right away. Conducting a strategic job search includes the identification of competencies that your Job A requires and how you can build them up by taking a Job B that may possess one or more of those requirements.


There are two types of users for the SJSMS, 1) job seekers, and 2) job coaches. If you’re looking for employment on your own, you would simply sign up for an account and manage your own job search. However, if you’re working with a job coach, your account will be tied to the coach so that ongoing feedback can be provided throughout the job search process, which includes file sharing (i.e. resumes, cover letters),a messenger, sharing of job opportunities and real-time feedback.


Additionally, the SJSMS allows you to recycle job leads back to the community so that others can benefit from leads.

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