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Online Social Network Audit

It's FREE! The Flowork SNAudit allows you to manage and create a social network map so you can visualize your network. In addition, goals can be created and linked to specific contacts in your network.


The intention of this site is to provide users the opportunity to identify the contacts in their network and how they may utilize those contacts to reach their goals. Also, because you may not be aware of your contacts connections, you can email them through the SNAudit system to get them to add contacts to your network in order to help you achieve your goals.


This simple exercise will allow you to identify the contacts which exist in your network and the potential flow of information you may receive. If you notice that you're lacking in one particular area of interest, you can take strides to make contacts who can provide you with the information necessary to achieve your goals.


In addition, you can monitor your network over time and determine if your network has grown. It is also helpful if you are working with a coach who is helping you with a particular activity (i.e., job search). Most people do not know how their contacts can help them. Conducting a social network audit will provide you with a structure process for uncovering the power of your network one contact at a time!


The SNAudit system will allow you to:


* Manage all your contacts online and in one central location

* Map your network and allows you to create customized maps

* Create and manage goals that are attahced to your contacts

* Search your contacts by specialty and skill set

* Export your contact list to a .cvs file which can be used in any spreadsheet program

* Email contacts request for new contacts which are automatically inserted into your maps

* Conduct a social network audit which produces statistics of your network


The SNAudit has been created so hat you can continue to store and manage your contacts. With the social network audit function, you will be able to see over time how your network has grown.

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