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One Stop Workforce

One Stop Workforce (OSW) is the first comprehensive workforce solution meeting the 21st century labor market demands. This market-based, multi-cluster, robust solution provides complete set of tools to its users (job seekers, employers, training providers, career coaches/counselors, and managing agency officials) to achieve their goals through one dashboard. After our extensive research of the existing systems available in the market and the changing labor market demands in the world 2.0 environment, we embarked on the mission of designing, developing, and offering a solution that can make our today’s workforce a high performer.

Our goal is to provide a solution that offers a well rounded approach to today’s labor market challenges. We understand that no solution can work in today’s world without providing a highly integrated and performance rich feature platform allowing all stakeholders in the labor market to increase their efficiency manifold while reducing their operating costs.

Few features of OSW are as hereunder:

OSW Jobs

OSW Jobs is our market-based comprehensive labor market solution packed with cutting-edge features. OSW Jobs provide free and real-time interaction between the job seekers and employers. Currently implemented in the US Virgin Islands successfully, OSW Jobs has become the leading choice of USVI job market.

OSW Jobs allows the employers to upload their job openings, manage the responses against their vacancies, and manage their complete hiring process with just a few clicks. Users are provided with state-of-the art Resume Builder feature in OSW Jobs. Users can also upload and manage their resumes and job applications. OSW Jobs doesn’t leave its users alone in today’s complicated job market as it provides them extensive information about their perspective employers and feedback without leaving their Dashboard.

The managing agency can easily supervise and provide complete support to its users from its Dashboard increasing the users’ satisfaction level and the quality of its service. OSW Jobs is a complete market based system which guarantees the cost reduction at the agency level.


OSW Road Map

OSW Road Map provides robust assessment and career mapping tools to its users. Users can register with the system through a user-friendly interface, do online assessments and set up their career road map with or without help from the managing agency’s staff.

This market based system reduces the walk-in load on the managing agency as users sign-up online at their convenience and go through real-time assessment tools from their Dashboards. The managing agency receives the sign-up, assessment, and career mapping details from each user as they interact with OSW Road Map. All gathered information from OSW Road Map is automatically stored under each user’s profile.

OSW Road Map’s assessment and mapping tools increase the satisfaction of the target market and enhances the efficiency of the managing agency. Assessment results are integrated with the other OSW features for better information management.


OSW Enhance

OSW Enhance allows the users to shop, choose, register, and complete their career enhancement training programs without ever leaving their Dashboard. This robust training programs management system cuts down the barriers between the training providers, managing agency, and users by allowing a seamless and efficient mode of application, review, approval and licensing management. OSW Jobs brings all the training providers and users to one platform and helps them manage their training from anywhere in the world.

In today’s challenging job market, people are required to keep abreast with new information which requires constant training of both on-the-job and unemployed. OSW Enhance ensures that all the training programs offered in a specific geographical region or beyond are available to its users so career enhancement decisions can be done swiftly.

Integration of OSW Road Map with OSW Enhance provides customized environment to its users by offering them courses and training programs that suit their Career Road Map.


OSW Network

OSW has given a new face to an old adage, “It’s not what you know, but who you know” as it has become the motto of today’s information age. Personal references and recommendations go a long way when one is looking for a job and this is especially true for smaller communities. The realization of the power of networking led us to integrate a state-of-the art networking system that brings strong support of the community to the user’s job search.

Users can build and gain help from their network in finding their dream job. They can also share their VCard with others who can recommend them to their perspective employers. OSW Network allows employers to view their perspective employee’s resume and contact them directly. A one-stop solution, OSW allows users to expand and manage their network through one seamless dashboard.

OSW Network also allows the managing agency to monitor the behavior of each user as they interact within their network and provide immediate help when it’s needed most. Our robust data mining tools integrated with OSW Network allow high performance by the managing agency.



OSW Mailbox

OSW has taken out communication nightmares out of managing any program by successfully integrating a state-of-the art internal messaging system, OSW Mailbox. Now all communication between the users, training providers, employers, and managing agency officials as well as with decision makers can be managed seamlessly without ever leaving your Dashboard. Best of all, no one needs to remember multiple email addresses and their passwords anymore!

Research shows that better communication can lead to higher performance and better output; therefore, OSW Mailbox provides all necessary communication tools to its entities. This not only reduces the overall operational costs but also improves the efficiency across the board. As a fully integrated communication management system, OSW Mailbox also enhances the monitoring capabilities of the managing agency.


OSW Institute

OSW institute is the first complete online training and career enhancement system, geared towards providing the users on-demand short courses, seminars, workshops and other trainings.

OSW users can enjoy the power of OSW Institute without leaving their Dashboard. As users’ progress through various stages of their career management, OSW Institute recommends relevant training programs to help them gain essential skills anywhere, anytime.

The managing agency’s appointed career coaches or counselors can also provide essential real-time support by gaining important information about their clients’ career life cycle and recommending appropriate training programs from OSW Institute. The results of each user’s training course are logged into the user’s profile to help generate a comprehensive report for the managing agency.

OSW Institute also helps the training providers, non-profit and government organizations in offering and managing their short training programs and wrap-around services online.


OSW Monitor

OSW Monitor is a state-of-the art training programs monitoring and management system, designed to help both training providers and managing agency to monitor the quality and outcome of their training programs.

OSW has harnessed the power of OSW Monitor to provide true one-stop training programs monitoring capabilities to users (students, teachers, training providers, and managing agency officials). Students can manage their attendance, assignments, communications and much more as they go through various training programs. They can also keep track of their training history and effectively manage their career road map.

Training providers can also manage their programs’ quality and outcome by using their staff management and supervisory tools available on OSW Monitor. The managing agency can efficiently monitor one or many training programs and provide real-time valuable feedback to its training providers.


OSW Monitor accelerates the training program monitoring process for the managing agency, reduces the monitoring costs and increases the programs’ output manifold. With the help of OSW’s seamless Dashboard, the managing agency can also monitor a user’s training history which allows the agency’s coaches or counselors to provide real-time support to their clients.


OSW Showcase

OSW Showcase, an online website development, marketing and business management system, is seamlessly integrated with OSW to allow users to effectively showcase their capabilities, tryout a business idea or do anything else that can help them advance their career and dreams.

OSW Showcase provides user-friendly simple website development and management tools that do not require any technical knowledge or experience. By using OSW one –stop Dashboard, users can access and manage all OSW Showcase features without leaving the system, and while they showcase their dreams through websites, managing agency can provide them real-time support and get valuable information about their users.

OSW Showcase can also lead its users towards fulfilling their dream of running their own business; therefore, reducing the burden on the government while generating new economic activity.


OSW Post

To provide OSW users with up-to-date career news, we have integrated a cutting edge news service, OSW Post with the system. Employers, job seekers, and other job market stakeholders can regularly contribute on OSW Post, enriching the users’ with real life job market information and solutions.

This market based news and information management system provides valuable feedback to its users, career coaches, employers, training providers, and managing agency with the help of on-stop Dashboard.

OSW Post allows users to share their job market views and information and discuss important career related issues through their Dashboard. Important information via blogs, polls, surveys, and discussion forums is also collected and shared online with OSW users.

This robust news gathering and dissemination system increases job market performance and efficiency at all levels and help prudent decision making by the users.


Multi-Cluster Model

OSW is a true one-stop, market-based workforce management system as it runs multiple clusters within one universe. The system allows the managing agency to design and implement multiple independent programs that can not only work as stand-alone systems but can also share, swap, and forward the information from one cluster to another. With this multi-cluster system, users, employers, training providers, and managing agency officials can keep track of a user’s progress and movement through OSW both horizontally and vertically. This provides better user experience and less data entry and management costs across the board.


Swift Data Manager

OSW is the most scalable system with swift data management tools. A user who may join one program can easily be transferred to another program anytime in the future with just one click. Data access and transfer between states, territories or jurisdictions, programs and even counselors is made easy with OSW. If a user joins OSW as a youth and stays with the system through adulthood, the information transfer between various programs is automatic and smooth.


Robust Reporting

OSW follows a real-time, comprehensive, flex-reporting regime which allows its users, training providers, managing agency officials, and other stakeholders to access their customized reports 24/7 and without any physical boundaries.

This highly flexible reporting system captures information from the user’s interaction with the system and presents it to the relevant entity in real-time. No more reporting requests from the management to the staff!

OSW robust reporting system provides better decision making capabilities as relevant entities get access to existing reports but can also design their own reports, whenever needed.



One Dashboard

OSW true one-stop system allows all the entities to manage their information through their Dashboard. Our One Dashboard structure provides the most complete and easy solution to today’s workforce challenges. All information is accessible with less than four clicks, making OSW the fastest information management system in the market.


Workforce Ready

With today’s changing workforce and its dynamic demands, OSW provides workforce ready services 24/7 year around. Basic services to extensive labor market services are available to its users during any season around the clock!


Full Circle Workforce Management

OSW offers the most comprehensive workforce management solution geared towards full employment circle of a user and beyond. From the moment a user walks in, all services are provided through our Dashboard allowing rapid response from unemployment to getting hired.


Save Big!

Comprehensive market-based system, OSW, provides significant savings to the employers, job seekers, training providers, and managing agency.


Environment Friendly

Since you get all the information online with OSW, you can now save big on travel, time, and other costs associated with your job hunt, information gathering, data management, hiring and other efforts in the labor market.



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