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Nebraska Career Compass


Career Compass is an online tool designed to help individuals find a job, locate training and explore career opportunities. It aids in making informed decisions by displaying occupational comparisons. It allows the user to compare wages, job prospects, training requirements and more. Detailed information is available for occupational licensure requirements, occupational characteristics, and apprentice sponsors. Data is available for statewide and each of the seven economic regions. Wage data is also available for states surrounding Nebraska. A high wage, high skill, and high demand focused workforce training search is also available. This search list is created by combining projections, wage, and education/training levels data and is utilized by job seekers and Workforce Investment Act case managers.


Other Media:

We have conducted trainings on using the advanced searches within Career Compass using Microsoft Live Meeting. These web based trainings were recorded and can be accessed via our FTP site:


Please select the file “Career Compass Advanced Searches-Nov 05”. A "read me file" is also provided with instruction on how to open and view the trainings.

Best Uses Career Exploration for job seekers and students. Also very useful for Career Center Case managers as they try to find appropriate jobs for applicants.


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