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National Career Readiness Certificate

The National Career Readiness Certificate verifies to employers anywhere in the United States that an individual has essential core employability skills in Reading, Math, and Locating Information. ACT has researched over 16,000 occupations, and these three skills are highly important to the majority of jobs in the workplace. The Certificate is an easily understood and nationally valued credential that certifies the attainment of these workplace skills.


When employers ask for the National Career Readiness Certificate for jobs in their workplace, they tap into the most qualified labor pool available. Applicants with a National Career Readiness Certificate provide solid insight into their foundational skills in the core areas of Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics, and Locating Information.



It is used for

- Screening—Employers interview only applicants who have the skills required for the job.


- Hiring and promotion—A National Career Readiness Certificate can be used as a "plus" factor to help make selection and promotion decisions.


- Targeting employee training and development—Employers can target their training budgets for job-specific skills rather than basic skills.

Best Uses Screening, Hiring, Promotion, Training & Development



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