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Marketing Career Network

The Marketing Career Network (MCN) is an online recruitment resource that aligns employers with professional marketing membership organizations. It brings together audiences from in every marketing discipline and connects them through a single job board network


Serving the industry since 2002, the MCN has evolved into the leading marketing niche recruitment site capable of reaching millions of marketers through their membership organizations. Top marketing professionals are drawn to the MCN due to its value as a single source for education, network, publishing and certification programs. Whether marketers are in active job search mode or passively seeking a recruitment forum, the MCN is where marketers go when it comes to managing their careers from graduation to retirement.


At the MCN you can:


• Have your resume critiqued

• Post your resume for thousands of prospective employers to see

• Browse scores of jobs

• Be notified automatically when a new job matches your interest

• Connect with an executive coach to brush up on your skills

• Find salary information

• Participate in career-related webinars and read articles

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