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Maine Technology Jobs Board

The TechMaine Technology Jobs Board is the combination of a targeted Jobs Board and a Career Portal. The Board is focused strictly on Maine technology jobs, and contains detailed job listings, company profiles, and career information.


A job seeker considering a new career browses the job listings or career sectors, and clicks a listing for a job or career they're interested in. At the top of the listing's page is the job's specific Category... by clicking this Category, the job seeker now sees:


1) the O-Net code they can use when discussing this job Category with an employment counselor

2) a description of the Job Category responsibilities and skills

3) a list of common job titles within that Category

4) all the current TechMaine job openings within that Category

5) the current and projected statewide employment count for that Category

6) wage estimates for the Category based on experience level

7) links to schools with training programs relevant to that Category

8) common employer education/training expectations for jobs in this Category

9) clicking a school link displays each school's available technology degree/training programs


A job seeker can easily learn more about the Category generally, see alternate job titles to be aware of, quickly find similar active job openings, get detailed wage information to consider when choosing a job or negotiating pay, and discover training programs that better qualify them for that career... in a click.


Job Seekers have a number of free tools that they can use:

1) resource on preparing their resume for an online jobs board

2) posting access to add multiple resumes to the resume database

3) ability to highlight job opportunities as 'favorites'

4) capacity to forward jobs to friends

5) job alerts to receive notifications of relevant new job postings

6) easy access to multiple free User Group programs for just-in-time training

7) links to additional resources regarding Maine's technology industries

8) top 10 list of the fastest growing jobs in the technology cluster


All Maine employers can post free technology job listings. Registered employers have additional functionality:

1) search a resume database of candidates

2) build a list of favorite candidates

3) view wage/count data broken down by metro-area and high/low wage percentiles

4) create a custom employer profile to highlight their organization

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