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What makes LinkUp unique is we index job postings exclusively from companies’ own web sites, ignoring recruiter sites and other job boards, and then continuously validate that they’re still posted. No spam, no duplicates, no stale listings. Each job listed will tell you how long ago it was posted, and how recently it was verified. You can also create job alerts, get RSS results of a search, and with a single click, you can forward a listing to a friend.


Companies do not advertise all of their job openings on Monster, CareerBuilder, and other "pay-for" job sites. LinkUp contains many jobs that cannot be found anywhere else on the web. The jobs are also always current because if the corporate site takes the job listing off the web, so do we. This assures that when you apply for a job though LinkUp, you are applying to a job that is open, available, and accepting applications.


But the most substantial difference between listings on other job sites and LinkUp is the depth and detail. Since all of our jobs come from company websites, you will find more descriptive job listings, requirements and qualifications, benefits, company culture information, and what kind of person they are looking to hire. Not only does this information help you determine if the job is one you should apply for, but it also helps us serve excellent matches to the job search queries you run on our site.

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