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Kuder Journey

Kuder® Journey (www.kuderjourney.com) offers proven, web-based tools and reliable resources to help America’s job seekers plan for a career, make a career change, and keep their career on track.


The intuitive Journey site personalizes its content based on an individual’s needs. Users can easily navigate a flexible step-by-step process to take career assessments; explore new options using their transferable skills; make plans to further their education and training; prepare for job opportunities; and develop a shareable e-Portfolio.


With the powerful Administrative Database Management System, Journey also provides workforce professionals with real-time data and communication tools to support workforce preparation, job placement, and economic development initiatives.


In several states Kuder® Journey is a free resource provided by government agencies to job seekers. For individual job seekers not in one of those states, it is only a one-time online fee for a secure LIFELONG account. For career centers or other agencies, we offer volume discounts for Kuder® Journey site licenses.


Check out our video below for a quick look at Journey and how it directs today’s job seekers toward informed choices and satisfying careers.



Link to Tool: http://kuderjourney.com/

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