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KS - KLIC (Kansas Labor Information Center)

The Kansas Labor Information Center (KLIC) is a powerful job search, career assessment, and labor market information system. KLIC was specifically designed for job seekers, students, employers, training providers, workforce professionals, and others seeking to explore local labor markets in Kansas.


KLIC is a dynamic and interactive information system that contains a wide range of information about the labor market and economic conditions for Kansas and local areas. Information is customized for individuals, employers and labor market researchers.


Whether you are planning your career or your next business expansion in Kansas, KLIC has information you can use.


Available information includes wages by occupation and industry; jobs that are growing or declining; unemployment rates; number of employers by industry; and employment trends. Also included are easy to use career exploration tools and occupational profiles, information on education and training programs and much more.


Examples of KLIC features that help job seekers, employers, and analysts include:


Research labor market information on salaries and economic data

Assess the current trends in the job market in the state to assist you when advertising your job openings

Analyze the labor market in areas of the state where you may be looking at locating your business

Job skills assessment, goal setting tools, and training provider information

Current job openings, searchable by region

A personal profile folder to track job search efforts

A wide variety of regional labor market information, such as salary and employer data

Tools to chart and analyze labor market data

A personal home page that allows a registered user to save items that fit their needs



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