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Jobsonica.com> Social Network For Job-seekers, Recruiters & HR's

Jobsonica.com is a social network for job-seekers, recruiters, human resources (HR) professionals and hiring organizations.


Jobsonica is a microblogging service just as twitter is, with a twist...


It's for jobs, jobs, jobs! Focused primarily, though non-exclusively, on job search, career resources, personal connections and other value-added tools related to employment.


Jobsonica.com is FREE for job-seekers, recruiters and everyone else!


Founded by two Schulich* alums in the late spring of 2009, Jobsonica takes its roots in the fundamental social good concept. It's a natural progression stemming from our discussions concerning non-for-profit, NGO and volunteer jobs in the current economic environment. Jobsonica is a new and evolving social start-up focused on everything involving jobs, careers, employment, work, human capital and organizational behavior.


Great for Job seekers:


* Search live jobs locally, nationally and internationally

* Know the latest employment and job-market news

* Get instant job alerts via Web, Phone, SMS, IM

* Invite friends and contacts from GMail, Facebook, Twitter plus over 80 social networks

* Connect with HR managers, recruiters and other job seekers

* Create own groups and post notices to other groups

* Send and share files (resumes, cover letters, CV's)

* Integrate with social networks, blogs and widgets


Invaluable for Companies and Recruiters:


* Stream jobs and work feeds

* Find candidates for open positions and future opportunities

* Interview job seekers in real-time

* Create, administer or moderate career coaching / recruiting groups

* Tag users, groups and notices with custom hashtags

* Share your workplace knowledge, job links and career resources

* Promote your business, books and skills

* Communicate efficiently with peers, job seekers and corporate decision-makers


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