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JobZone is a career information and management system for adult jobseekers across the state of New York.


The JobZone System harnesses the power of the web to provide information on over 900 occupations including military titles from the O*NET Database and the latest labor market information from the NYS Department of Labor. The strength of JobZone is its ability to offer local and relevant content based on the interest and job seeking activities of users. The JobZone Portfolio allows users to save and update career management information, and access this information from the JobZone website at any time. JobZone also provides access to up-to-date job postings and basic job preparation tools such as a resume builder, reference list maker and cover letter application.


JobZone tools allow users to assess career values, interests, and skills; and apply the results in a meaningful way to the job search process. JobZone users and the One-Stop Employment Center staff that assist them utilize these research based assessment tools to derive direction and guidance in occupational exploration and job searching.


NY JobZone is currently used in all regional One-Stop Employment Centers throughout NY, and the website captured close to 300,000 unique visitors in 2008.


JobZone is the adult entrance to NYS Department of Labor integrated lifespan career development system. To date, over one million Portfolio accounts have been created within the combined CareerZone and JobZone System.

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Link to Tool: www.nyjobzone.org


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