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JobTitled - Knowledge for career decisions

JobTitled is focused on helping everyone make better career decisions through the use of analytics. It’s a place to learn more about your career path and what else is out there. We believe career analytics is a powerful tool that opens up new ways of thinking about your career and the working world. Our goal is to make public what is currently stored in pockets of knowledge throughout society, and to put this career knowledge directly at your fingertips – for free.


Okay great, but what does this really mean? At the heart of JobTitled is career trend statistics which we have built by analyzing millions of resumes and job histories from people just like you. We calculate trends such as how people get into a position, where they go when they leave, and what degrees they have. In many fields the use of historical data plays a key role in making strategic decisions about the future. Why can’t you have the same sort of data to help you make decisions about your career? Now you can!

Link to Tool: http://jobtitled.com

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