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JobHuntOrg Twitter for Job Search

In keeping with the purpose of Job-Hunt.org, the JobHuntOrg Twitter stream is focused on helping job seekers find the latest information and best resources for their job search, with a perfect 100 "Twitter Grade" score from from Twitter.Grader.com.


JobHuntOrg is included in both The Wall Street Journal's Careers Twitter list (WSJcareers/careers) and The New York Times Recruiting-Careers Twitter list (NYTimesRecruit/recruiting-careers) as well as over 400 other Twitter lists.


JobHuntOrg developed and manaages 10 public Twitter lists including 3 of the top 15 "Jobs & Careers" Twitter lists in the TweetDeck Directory:

* JobHuntOrg/job-search-experts (# 6 in the TweetDeck Directory)

* JobHuntOrg/employers-recruiting (# 2 in the TweetDeck Directory)

* JobHuntOrg/job-listings (# 9 in the TweetDeck Directory)

* JobHuntOrg/career-coaches

* JobHuntOrg/resume-writers

* Job-HuntOrg/interns-new-grads

* JobHuntOrg/recruiters-and-recruiting

* JobHuntOrg/personal-branding-experts

* JobHuntOrg/social-media-experts

* JobHuntOrg/military



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