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Job Search Television Network - JSTN

JSTN™ - Job Search Television Network provides entertaining and compelling information about career opportunities in the community.


Through a unique TV news format, JSTN™ guides jobseekers to the most sought after jobs and lucrative positions in the area. Simply put, JSTN™ is the future of job employment. JSTN showcases job opportunities in a 60 sec. Video Job Report giving you critical information about a job opening. The 3 min. Company Profile allows organizations to discuss the culture and benefits of joining their team. Our Video Job Reports and Company Profiles as well as our leading career coaching expert segments can be viewed through JSTN's television network (Comcast Channel 102 in Chicago/Indiana), all social networks,, and on mobile devices. JSTN works with the top organizations in the US to help them find talent. In addition to helping you connect with the job of your dreams JSTN can also help you through one of our partner sites with your resume updates and any of your career coaching needs at! We look forward to helping you harness the power of video to find your next career!

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