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JOBehaviors- Job-specific behavioral career assessments

JOBehaviors provides job-specific career assessments for high-demand jobs in a variety of industries including transportation, childcare, banking, customer care, insurance, sales, construction, education, grocery, automotive, healthcare and many others.


Job seekers are able complete an online assessment (free of charge), receive instant comparative results (with a narrative), select a preference for training, employment (or both), and are able to "opt-in" to share their result and contact information with companies providing training and/or employment opportunities.


Companies and organizations establish a JOBehaviors account with query capabilities that include assessment result (one through five stars), training vs. employment, and geographic preference. All candidates meeting the company's criteria are available in their JOBehaviors account.


JOBehaviors online assessments available to any job seeker with an internet connection.

Best Uses Provides job-specific career insight with training/employer matching technology.


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