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The distinguishing feature of Jaazle’s Outcome-Based Job Search training program originates with the job seeker’s vision where they imagine themselves in the future. Jaazle’s special process connects career assessments and the job search to a job seeker’s larger future vision five plus years out. Our approach in working with several thousand job seekers, from entry level to executive to those in career transition is a systematic approach of analysis and evaluation in thinking through a strategically planned job search.


Major Learning Outcomes:


1. Acquire knowledge of employer culture, policies and procedures to acquire an understanding on how employers operate in the job search process.


2. Discover interests, abilities, values and behavior traits (personality) used to make informed career choices. [ Personal Empowerment Through Type Learning Styles Assessment]


3. Identify (SWOT) strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with finding employment options.


4. Become knowledgeable of job search resources for conducting an effective job search including networking, social media, online job boards along with other search resources related to the launching and the discovery of employment opportunities.


5. Ability to monitor and report performance measurements that connect to job search goals.


Additional Job Seeker Return on Investment (ROI) includes a professional customized résumé.


Addendum: Jaazle’s Outcome-Based Job Search is portable to Workforce One-Stop Career Centers for staff training and development. Use the Jaazle’s Outcome-Based Job Search process to complement current practices to increase effectiveness and efficiency in walking any job seeker, regardless of occupation, education or skill level to achieve positive outcomes.

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