Career tools (e.g ladders, transition tools, etc.) - Online Video Interview Solutions offers simulated online job interviews for job seekers to practice both verbal and non-verbal communication skills and for employers to pre-screen candidates remotely.


Who is it for?

Workforce centers that need to streamline mock interviewing and offer additional, cost effective tools to facilitate the hiring process for employers.



- Is used by hundreds of WIBS & Colleges in 44 States including 21 of the 25 top MBA Programs


- Powers video interviewing at hundreds of offices for the world’s largest outplacement company


- Is celebrating over 5 years, 400+ clients, and over 100,000 online video interviews


Some of Features Include:


Video Practice Interviews

- Practice verbal and non-verbal communication skills

- 100% web-based, Mac & PC compatible

- Workforce counselors have access to all practice interviews online

- Customize interviews from 3500+ behavioral & industry cluster questions


Employer Green Video Interviews

- Save employers time with a streamlined way to pre-screen candidates via video interviewing

- After reviewing resumes, employers can work with your business services team to identify those candidates they would like to interview

- Candidate interviews are then viewable online from any internet-connected computer

- Offering video interviews will minimize costs, maximize time, and reduce environmental impact


Video Virtual Career Fairs

- Uses the latest in video interview technology to connect employers and candidates

- Employer booths allow candidates to review company profiles and video interviews

- Candidates are not restricted by time and can interview with employers 24/7

- Candidates can easily search for ideal employers and learn more about their company

Best Uses 100% web-based practice interviewing


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