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A self-directed career guidance program developed to help individuals identify a career goal that best matching their overall personality style. The program guides users through a 5 step program:




1. Define your personality style - using several inventories and assessment lists, the user is guided in identifying his/her interests, skills, values and behavioral traits.


2. Identify possible career options - users produce a list of job titles that they believe match their interests and skills as a means of starting the process of career exploration.


3. Research possible career options - using standard occupational resources, users become familiar with the "true nature" of their career options to prepare them for effective decision-making.


5. Select a career goal - using what has collected about his/her interests, skills, values and behavioral traits, users are guiding in identify the occupations that best match their overall personality style.


6. Development a career plan - user's are guided in developing a step-by-step plan for reaching their new career goal.


Program is self-instructional in nature and requires no guidance from a career counselor. User's follow a carefully laid out step-by-step set of directions to identify a career goal and develop a career plan.


Program currently used by career guidance counselors in colleges, universities and in private practice to help individuals select a career direction.

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