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Illinois workNet

'Illinois workNetTM is a statewide portal aimed at connecting individuals, businesses, and workforce professionals to workforce development resources and tools. Find a wealth of information in one convenient place.


The Workforce Professionals Pathway features:

• Dynamic/Real-Time Content – State and local content managers publish throughout the portal.

• Web Services – Seamless access to third-party databases and tools, including occupational and labor market information, resume builder, self-assessments, and job postings.

• Online Training – Ensures workforce professionals know how to use the portal.

• Accessibility – Supports assistive technologies and meets the guidelines of the Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act.


The Individuals Pathway provides ways to explore career choices, education resources, and locate information about work support services.

The web portal features:

• Job search tools,

• Online resume builder,

• Wage information,

• Employment opportunities in key sectors,

• Job duties and descriptions,

• Self-assessment tools,

• Laid off worker assistance resources,

• Computer skills, and

• Videos to help individuals find a job.


The Business Pathway provides businesses with the tools to RECRUIT the best employees, to TRAIN and upgrade the skills of your current workforce, and to DEVELOP your business with a range of resources for entrepreneurs and established firms. Find a wealth of information in one convenient place that supports workforce development in today's fast-paced global marketplace.

Businesses use Illinois workNet to:

• Promote your business, industry, and high-growth jobs,

• Advertise job openings at no cost on partnership page,

• Use employee screening services to maximize results,

• Connect employees to training.


Illinois workNet is available:

• At physical locations, known as Illinois workNet Centers,

• Through state agency partners,

• At a broad range of community partners, and

• On the Internet via the Illinois workNet Portal (


Unique Features and Benefits include:

• Personalized information for registered users;


• Career Exploration and Planning Tools – Learn about careers and programs, and use planning tools (including online self-assessments) to find careers that match your interests;


• Illinois Job Search Tool – Job board spider of employers in Illinois;


• Illinois’ Key Sector Job Search Tool, powered by CareerBuilder;


• Wages and trends of jobs in Illinois industries;


• Detailed Information about Training needed to qualify for key sector jobs.


• Online Resume Builder – Create and store multiple resumes;


• Laid Off Worker Assistance and Veterans Resources;


• Tutorial Videos – Find a Job, Prepare for a Job, Create a Resume;


• Save shortcuts to information;


• Contact career advisors for assistance.


Watch Illinois workNet videos on our YouTube Playlist:


Excellent for job seekers, career coaches, and career centers.

Videos run from one to four minutes. You can watch all the videos or select individual ones to view.


>> Illinois workNet YouTube Video Playlist (11 videos):

- Connect to Benfits and Services

- Tips to Keep a Job

- Tips to get a Job

- Intro to Resume Writing and Benfits of Using Resume Builder

- Resume Writing with Little Work Experience

-Mature Worker Resume Writing Tips

- Benefits of Volunteering

- Get Organized before You Prepare a Resume

- Search for Jobs

- Developing an Effective Job Objective for Your Resume

- How to Select the Right Resume Type


These Illinois workNet videos, and more, can also be viewed on our website:

Best Uses • Career Exploration and Planning Tools , • Illinois’ Key Sector Job Search Tool, • Online Resume Builder , • Laid Off Worker Assistance and Veterans Resources


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