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How To Get A Job In Any Economy

"Straight Talk from a Professional Headhunter."


Certified Recruitment Personnel Consultant and Executive Recuiter Wade Bumgarner teaches you the inside tricks on "how to find and get a job!"


This is a 30 minute video that covers all of the inside tips for getting a job. There is a way to find a job if you just know how to do it--and that is exactly what this video teaches you. By following the step by step video instructions, you will have a competitive advantage over the thousands of other job hunters vying for work.


A Word From The Author:


Back when this whole economy meltdown hit, I was affected just like everyone else, and so, I had some time on my hands. I started taking notice of all the career tips, resume tips, how to's and so forth going out to all those out of work people and what I realized was that, while everyone was trying to help....nobody was giving them the simple basics of correctly conducting a job search first!!! In a good friends description....the internet was simply "Noisy" ....full of pieces that would only fit if you had the blueprint, which everybody wrongly assumed everyone else possessed, and forgetting that the vast majority of these people haven't had to even think about a different job for many, many years...let alone actually have to navigate the career minefield in a major recession!!!. So....Thus started this project and it has become a valuable tool in helping people find a job in this economy.




1) This video provides a start to finish blueprint on the correct method of searching for a job. Unlike other videos that make up a series and can end up costing a small fortune... or seminars that may take even more valuable time than you would like, this video has all the fluff removed and the meat and potatoes of it all are condensed into a tolerable 30 min. video that can be viewed and understood in one sitting.


2) Insider tips from a seasoned recruiter. No "sales" pitch here....just plain, across the table, straight shooting.


3) Helpful graphics and portrayals to illustrate key points.


4) No Industry jargon here or tasks that require above average intelligence or skills...this video is presented in an understandable, organized and workable format for anyone at any level of the workforce and is as applicable to the gardener as it is to the Corporate CEO.



Wade Bumgarner

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